Do you like games with level editors and loads of user-created content?  Do you wish that level editors offered a LOT more power than they usually do?  BoundWorlds is a game made for players who love modding.

A retro, single-player action-adventure universe of user-created content.  Explore the multiverse, collect items and Golden Sparks, and play through challenges, puzzles and stories crafted by other players.

BoundWorld's level editor is INCREDIBLY flexible.  If you're just looking for a simple level editor, you can search for and import ready-made object collections and place them in the world however you like.

If you're willing to get your hands a little dirty, you can create custom NPCs, enemies, puzzle objects, cutscenes, dialogue trees, combat scripts and more.  Upload graphics and sounds to customize your world as you see fit, and export your objects in packages so other players can use them!

If you're familiar with coding, you can modify almost every in-game variable, changing the physics and behavior of objects and adding completely new scripts of your own. The more your skill improves, the more you can break the game wide open - even create your own game engine within the game.  If you love making mods, you'll love the options BoundWorlds offers!

You can make a tiny level and link it to worlds made by other players to create a world collaboratively, or make a whole game's worth of content by yourself.  You can also upload your assets, where they can be imported by other players for use in their worlds.  Whenever your assets are used, your name will be added to the credits of the world that included them.

The more time players spend in your world and the more points they collect collectively, the more you level up as a creator.

BoundWorlds is in "open beta" - new features are constantly being added.  Join the community, build a world, and explore the multiverse!

You can play the open beta here, or on (which will allow you to set fullscreen properly).

Join our Discord for discussion and updates - and feel free to add suggestions!

StatusIn development
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TagsAction-Adventure, Exploration, Level Editor, Singleplayer
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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